Paul Bunyan

I am collecting a list of all Paul Bunyan related tourism in Minnesota. These are the Minnesotan Paul Bunyan tourist locations I am currently aware of. It would be very helpful to me if you share any other’s that I may have missed so far. Also, please share this post with your friends.

Oxtrot Statues (various)
Paul’s footprints (various)
Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Kiosks (various)
Lucette, Paul Bunyan’s Sweetheart (Hackensack)
Lucette’s ring (Hackensack)
Paul Jr. Statue (Hackensack)
Paul Bunyan’s Cradle (Akeley)
Kneeling Paul (Akeley)
Paul Statue (Jenkins A-Pine)
Paul Bunyan’s Bobber (Pequot Lakes)
Paul Bunyan’s Chair (Pequot Lakes)
Wedding ring (Pequot Lakes Merritt Jewelers)
Paul Bunyan Rag Doll (Crosslake)
Talking Paul (Paul Bunyan Land, Brainerd)
Paul’s Credit Card (Brainerd)
Waving Paul and Drinking Babe statue (Brainerd)
Paul Statue (Two River’s Park)
Paul statue (Brainerd Welcome Center)
Paul’s Flashlight (Brainerd)
Babe’s Girlfriend (Bongard)
Paul and Babe (Bemidji)
Paul’s gun and other belongings (Bemidji)
Paul’s duck and gun (Blackduck)
Paul’s Grave (Kelliher)
Paul’s Marble (Chisholm)
Paul’s baby boots (Pine River)
Paul Bunyan Trail
Paul Bunyan State Forest
Paul’s Walleye (Rush City)
Paul Bunyan’s Anchor (Ortonville)
Paul Bunyan’s Adirondack Chair (Pillager)
Cordwood Pete (Fosston)

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