Man Of 1 Million Hobbies

I had a friend who regularly told me that I had a million hobbies and still found time to be bored. I take that as a compliment. To me, my hobbies are all about learning new things. Here are a few of the things which I have the goal of doing or learning to do in the future. Many of these will probably be gifts from me, to me using tax returns in the future.

Become CPR and First Aid Certified
Become SCUBA certified
Hike the Island Lake Spur near Backus
Follow the Stage Road on Mark Zaczkowski’s property
Ride the Mississippi from Itasca to the Gulf (not likely any time soon)
Hike the Appalachian Trail (also not likely any time soon)
Sell some of the crafty things I make
Rebuild my mustang

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