Hit List

Haha, made you look!

This is my wild food hit list, as in, these are foods that I would like to go out and harvest and perhaps have never done so before. If you know where to find some of these foods and would like to tell/show me, that would be great. If you would just like to come along and share the work/harvest, I might be able to swing that as well. Thanks.

Wild Rice (have tried in the past with limited success)
Wokas (yellow pond lily seed pods)
Basswood fruit in large numbers
Cucumber root
Rusty Crayfish
Invasive Banded Mystery Snails
Garlic Mustard
Nuts (Chestnuts, Butternuts, Walnuts, Pine Nuts)
Wild Plums (I lost access to my favorite trees)
Juneberries, Serviceberries, Saskatoons (haven’t been able to harvest a sizeable amount for many many years)
Wapato/Duck potato/Arrowhead
Giant Puffballs
Chanterelle Mushrooms
Lobster Mushrooms (found some!)
Chicken and Hen of the woods mushrooms
Bullfrog legs (this will require some traveling)

I will update this list occasionally, so please check back.


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  1. Nancy Vogt

    I’d like to try wild rice harvesting sometime. Everything else on your list scares me! And you were going to bring us fresh berries this morning, and instead we got doughnuts!

  2. outsidethenewsroom

    Sadly, we didn’t find much berries at the recent wild food class. Maybe next week, though I would probably have to bake them into something, haha.

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