Mothers Day_5.17.16

Happy Mother’s Day To Me…a Single Dude

I anticipated a very difficult Sunday. I bought mom’s mother’s day present(s) early this year, just after she went to the hospital and things still sounded potentially routine. I got her some things that I knew she wanted, they weren’t very expensive, but the way she talked about them, I was kind of excited to…
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$800 For Reupholstery, Who Are They Kidding?

I have a few habits in my life that are all about feeling good. I do my best to cheer people up when it is within my power. I think my go-to method of cheering someone up is to do something for them, since I can afford to do things for them more than I…
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Cheap Lens Filters Can Work For News Too!

It’s amazing what cheap accessories we can actually use to improve our photography. Among the cheapest are filters. That’s not to say that some day you won’t want more high quality glass (filters), but it is okay to start with one of those $12 starter kits with a few specialties thrown in (shop around, prices…
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Getting Dirty For Better Photos

Our next photo tip is to wear clothes that can survive a little time in the dirt, because if you are really dedicated to a good shot, you have no reason not to roll around on the ground every now again. The low shot is in some ways better than the high shot. First and…
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High Up

Getting High (up) For Photos

Once you’ve learned about the insurance shot, then you should practice different angles. I’m going to start with getting high up when photographing. A professional photographer with awards behind his belt once told a newspaper panel that the most boring height for photographs is 4 feet 9 inches (actually I don’t recall the precise height,…
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