About Me/about Outside The Newsroom

My name is Travis Grimler. I am a writer for the PineandLakes Echo Journal out of the lakes area of Minnesota. We are a weekly newspaper that covers from Nisswa north to Hackensack and East to Crosslake.

I live in Backus, MN and volunteer with the local fire department. When I am not working, I am often repurposing things, hunting wild foods (flora and fauna), gardening, metal detecting, snorkelling, hiking, camping, or many other hobbies.

Anyone who works in the newsroom knows that there is a lot that doesn’t end up between the pages of their finished publication. It can include a backstory behind a particularly interesting or touching interview, a subject that just never warranted a news story, and oh so many ideas that interest the writer, but just don’t belong in the newspaper.

Here you will find all of that. I will share stories of the times my GPS leads me astray driving to an interview in the boondocks, the little pet peeves that can make me the butt of jokes in the newsroom and step by step entries on how I turned some random garage sale or thrift store find into home decor. Basically, you will find here anything that doesn’t fit in our paper. I hope you enjoy.

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