MNA, Or: Don’t Show Me Those Dateline Specials On Hotels, You’re Bringing Me Down Man!

Thursday and Friday of last week, (Jan 28 and 29) newspaper employees from all over the state converged on the Minnesota Newspaper Association Better Newspaper Contest and Convention. I will take just a brief moment to brag about the awards we won, then we can talk about the important stuff. Yet again we won an award for Use of Photography as a Whole, though this year we won third place in our division.

Marcy is an important part of our layout process. Without her we’d probably put the wrong photos with the wrong stories!

Our News Editor Nancy Vogt won first place in the News Photo category for this fantastic photo.   Publisher Pete Mohs (Also MNA president this past year) got second place for this Sports Photo.

Since Pete couldn’t hand the award to himself, Nancy took it from him and then gave it back.

We (especially our very own Becca Clemens) were awarded third place in Best Use of Video for our news of the north coverage of 2014’s Ice fishing Extravaganza

Our News of the North Shout Out won first place in the Best Use of Social Media. We also won third place in General Reporting. This is in addition to a literal mound (seriously, we don’t have enough wall space so they are piled up somewhere) of awards in the Pine River Journal, Lake Country Echo, and now Pineandlakes Echo Journal newspapers. For a small town newspaper we do well. I love being a part of this award winning news team.

Now, on to the important part. I had the coolest hotel room on earth, mars, or the astral body formerly known as the planet Pluto. The bright side of working with a ton of women and few men is that when we go to conventions, I often end up in my own room. This year I had the added benefit of having a whole Sheraton to myself (the Doubletree should have added a third tree as it was booked after we booked two rooms for my female coworkers). First, let me state that after waking up too late for a proper shower, riding three hours to the convention center, and hanging out at the convention all day I felt like a foot by the time I was able to actually go to my hotel room. Hence, my first attraction was the shower.

That Showerhead is as wide as a volleyball.

And don’t get me started with the amenities.

Since when are those scrubbie things included?

I noticed the closet after my shower, and if I could have ordered a mountain of ice cream I might have recreated a scene from Home Alone II, but that would have been a bad idea.

“Keep the change you dirty animal!”

Of course they had a tv big enough for a flintstones drive in theater.

And a bed (probably deceptively) white enough to keep dateline investigative reporters away.

I guess this is just that much more incentive for us to keep winning awards. The good news is that I learned a thing or two at the convention, and I intend to be back again next year (though maybe we might be giving Dan a chance at his own hotel room, which he will deserve by that time, haha).

P.S. I forgot to add, there was a phone by the toilet! Who would ever use the two at the same time? Wait! Don’t answer that (the question or the phone, some experiences you should not share).

Don’t answer! It’s a trap! No, I said TRAP!

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  1. John Wetrosky

    We all need a bit of the “high life” once in awhile, Pete! A long way from camping out on a rock and using the bushes for a restroom, huh? Congrats on the awards!

  2. Peter Frank

    Brings back memories of my trips to MNA with the Echo/Journal crew 15 years ago or so. Glad you guys are still winning awards…

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