Small Towns Are Boring, But Nobody Told That To All The People Having Fun

Nothing ever happens in a small town. Am I right?

Take Friday night for example. All I could do Friday night was sit around the house and belly ache about how busy I was at work!

It all started with Tuesday and the moving of the Bank in Jenkins.

Wednesday I had company at home so there was no time to belly ache about how nothing was happening around the area.

Thursday there was an anniversary celebration in Pine River for the local hardware store. Followed by a tour of the PRB school forest.

Who needs a tour guide when it’s so fun to get lost in a forest with trees like this!

Followed by more running around.

My Friday morning started with a trip to the Pine River-Backus High School for Homecoming. I knew some of the candidates, but not that many so I satisfied myself by watching the choreographed skit that the PR-B Homecoming and Snow Daze events are virtually famous for. They had some pretty funny moves.

It is hard to serenade someone when they throw their shoe at you.

After they finished with the crowning I had little time to waste. I got a photo of the whole Homecoming Court, checked my watch, and made tracks out of there after only about 100-150 photos.

Sit down! Shut up! I got places to be! Just kidding.

I arrived in Hackensack, roughly 20 miles away, in time to witness the Lumberjack show at their annual Chainsaw festival. As an added note, I got there in time to see a special show for PR-B students.

Do those teachers have experience throwing double headed axes? No? Good, it’s more interesting that way, let me get out front for a photo.

Watching the event was great, but time was a wasting. I took about 50-100 photos of the lumberjack show alone, but I still needed to snap a few of the carving competition. I hunted down an escort and shot another 100-200 photos.

I’ve done stories on this carver in our paper before. Of course, that was true of a few of the other artists as well.

I checked my clock and all that was left of me in hackensack was a cloud of smoke shaped like me. Back to PR-B twenty miles away I went to catch some students in the act of learning to swing dance.

Um, queen, your hand is in his eyeball.

I will be the first to admit that half the fun of taking photos of people learning to swing dance is taking photos of them screwing up.

Someone’s trapped. I’m not sure which one, but one of them is.

Unfortunately, between little mess ups, slow shutter speeds, flash interrupting the dancers, and any other number of things, photos of swing dancing are surprisingly difficult! To get the right photos took a while and my day was moving along.

Cue the obligatory dance scene between the king and queen.

There were other places I needed to be, so I didn’t stick around another hour to get the younger kids learning to swing dance. One of our other writers stuck around for the homecoming volleyball game, and yet another one attended that night’s football game. After only 200 photos I went back to town where absolutely nothing was happening except, you know a bunch of events, celebrations and what have you. How boring.

The next morning I was out and about yet again. This time I went to Crosslake Days in… you guessed it Crosslake. Though we were experiencing one of our last really really warm days, the air in town was saturated with a mist of Chili and people. On Every…

Jul Festival


Flea market


Craft Fair

There were places to sell crafts and crap. Of course, since Crosslake is a lake town (sort of like Bemidji) the town is strung out along the shoreline, aka very long! The town is small according to occupants, but you still need a car to get places if you are trying to cover everything in a short period of time. As a result, my eye was always on the time because there was a chilli cook-off to look into.

Don’t you love the particulates on his tongue??

And a car show.

I am very fond of Mustangs.

And…And…And… other stuff. By the time I got done on Friday I went home and sat around doing nothing. I was so tired (presumably because I was so bored from there being nothing to do) that I just bummed around the house and waited for family to show up and hang out.

Sunday I went to church followed by harvesting potatoes left behind by the harvesters. How I managed to fit this in with all the other busy work is beyond me. What a boring place to live!

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