Once In A Lifetime

There were many times during my time working at a restaurant, a truss company or various other places of employ where I missed the opportunity to see or do something that isn’t too common. That’s standard for a normal job, but not for mine.

Even in a city or town that is commonly considered boring (If you say your town is boring, you obviously don’t work for a newspaper), there are times where something is happening that is so rare, so interesting and so cool that everyone wants to see/do it. Now, if it happens that that “thing” in question happens between 9 and 5, most people are out of luck. One of the absolutely greatest parts of my job is that I am expected to go to these things.

Why? Well, that’s obvious. Everyone wants to see/do it, but everyone is working. It’s a vicious cycle, sort of. Not really vicious, especially not for me.

Get it? cat? Canary? You get it.

When everyone wants to go, but everyone is working it is my job as a news writer and photographer to roll up my sleeves, get dirty, and go so that when mom and pop sit down on a quiet thursday night to peruse the old newspaper, they can live through the content inside.

When there is a politician in town speaking to the local chamber of commerce, or school we are there.

Rick Nolan spoke to the Pequot Lakes school in my first year back to the paper.

When a huge building has been loaded onto a truck and is being moved 30 miles down the road, you bet we’re there.

The former Jenkins First National Bank of Walker building was wheeled down the road Sept. 23.

If someone in our town is teaching a really cool skill or craft that everyone wants to learn? Hey, I might even have special passes to that event.

Resilient Action Day in Pine River is just the most recent opportunity for me to learn some really cool stuff, and even to purchase a really cool cold frame like the one above.

Sometimes I have to clock out so I’m not enjoying myself on company time (only a little serious) but that’s a small price to pay to be able to constantly do awesome stuff.

When it comes down to it, all this awesome stuff isn’t for me. It’s for the readers. Without the paper, how would people experience the things they have no time for? It’s all to help the readers to live vicariously through us, because if we had jobs like everyone else, you’d just have to wonder what it looks like to haul a bank building down the road, hey, you might never even be aware it happened.

In the case of the First National Bank building, how often do you get to see something like that? In our neighborhood, not often. It’s one thing to see a big truck rolling down the road with a mobile home, something else entirely to see a commercial building with multiple floors that takes up the entire road WHEN ALREADY CUT IN HALF!

I’ve said before that I’m blessed with the job I have. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to forget that fact. There are constant reminders. So, when your job gets dull and you need to unwind. Feel free to check out your next issue of the PineandLakes Echo Journal. Live vicariously through us. Go ahead. We won’t mind.

Oh, and I almost forgot, when there’s an award ceremony dinner… We’ll probably be there.

You say we need to cover an award dinner and they’re serving prime rib? Twist my arm why don’t you?


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